This is a brand new model just came out this spring marketed exclusively in Japan. Only 1000 sets were released. This model became available in collaboration of Simon Shimomura, known as Mr. Ambassadeur.

This is his second collaboration with Pure Fishing Japan after introducing 3X model several years ago.

Combination of dark brown and lightly red-sh beige rotor, custom name plate are nicely arranged in the original classic design of Cardinal model.

It is a high speed model suitable even for a tough up stream casting. A longer handle arm just made it right in order to produce extra power cranking the high gear ration of 5.9:1.

Handle cranking is so smooth and you can not imagine that it is actually a high speed model you are fishing. Original Die made is Sweden was used for the housing but this model was made and completed in Japan.

"So beautiful to your eyes and so deadly to fish".... that what I say to this model. This item is directly listed by Simon Shimomura at Fishy Business Inc.

Price: US$400.00
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Cardinal 33X
Item #V319
Price: US$400.00
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Original Red Thumbar frame is equipped. Near Mint or 90% condition in appearance. Mechanically it is just smooth. High Speed Gear ratio is 4.7:1. A 90mm long power handle comes with mirror finish arm and shiny black knobs. High Speed, and Garcia mark are there. Serial number 761200

Ambassadeur 5600C
Item #V001
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Abu-Garcia had a celebration its 75 year anniversary in 1995. This poster was directly imported from Sweden and explanation is in Swedish language. Their historical reels and tools are displayed.

This poster is also available at :
Corens Rod & Reel Service
6001 N. Nina Ave.,
Chicago, IL. 60631
Tel (773) 631-5202
fax (773) 631-5202

Abu 75 Year Anniversary Poster
Item #V002
Price: US$35.00
including the poster tube



This pretty nice set of Ambassadeur 5000DL carries the serial number of#6722. The serial number indicates that the reel was produced sometime in 1969 according to the shipping record left at the ABU Museum.

This package has petty tough parts tube, wooden box, wrench, and oil tube. In other words, only thing missing is warrantee, a membership certificate, and a small metal nameplate.

**This is a consignment item.

Item #V092
Price: US$800.00
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