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This one is designed for 5000C between 1966-1972. Black knob. No retainer hole on either type.. Type A has a taller and rather pointy counterbalance, while type B has a shorter and fat counterbalance. Please specify.

Counterbalance Handle
Item #P001
Price: US$22.00



Retainer Type made for 75 model and after. "Oil" is engraved on the flat head.

Handle Lock Nut
Item #P002
Price: US$4.00



Late 60's type. "Oil" is engraved on the round head.

Handle Lock Nut
Item #P003
Price: US$4.00



This one is designed for 75 model and after. Straight Cut. 5 finger. Chrome finish.

Item #P005
Price: US$28.00



Missing stickers on your Ambassadeur reels?

Most of 70’s Ambassadeur reel stickers are in stock. Model stickers, High Speed stickers, we even have some original dead-stock items in stock.

For more details, please see Decal Price and Detail List.

Unless otherwise listed, please do not inquire. We don’t have them.

Decal Price and Detail List [PDF]




Quite a few sideplates are in stock. These items are all unused ABU original items. Most of them are still in ABU original plastic unless otherwise taken out for color comparison to make a pair.

Ambassadeur 5500C Gray left sideplate with decals, or engraved,

Ambassadeur 5500C Silver right sideplate with black/gold decals,

Ambassadeur 5500 (red 1978-1980) decal type left sideplate

Ambassadeur 6500 (Red 1978-1980) decal type left sideplate

Ambassadeur 5500/6500 right sideplate (A bit off color from left side.)

Ambassadeur 5600C pair sideplates. Engraved, red/silver decal on.
US$60.00 Sold Out

Ambassadeur 9000 pair sideplates
US$70.00 Sold Out

*** Please send me an e-mail for an order.***

Item #P007
Price: See Deatil at right


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